Why should I vend on The IDKMOS Tour?

We’re glad you asked. The IDKMOS Tour is designed to connect women nationwide to embrace adversity, let their mess be their message, and turn their passion into profit. By partnering with The IDKMOS Tour we provide vendors with a venue, table, 1 chair, event admission, and social media marketing. In short, we give small business vendors a “store front” for a few hours to make as many connections and/or sales as they choose to for a very affordable price.

How many many shoppers/guest do you anticipate?

Typically and depending on the area The IDKMOS Tour can host anywhere from 75 to 250 plus guest along our tour run. However, we encourage vendors to understand your productivity determines your profit. In no way is the IDKMOS Tour liable for the amount of sales you make as a vendor on our tour. Just like any other “paid store front”, vendors should market that they will be open for business at our events, create a plan of action to work the entire room via networking, coming from behind the table, interacting with guest, and letting the guest know what products or services you have available and where they can find you. We’ve seen one guest spend over $700 at one vendor table, and we’ve seen hundreds of guest not spend at all, this is solely up to the vendor and their customer service, product demand, and networking.

Will there be more than one vendor selling a similar product as mine?

The IDKMOS Tour doesn’t allow more than one direct sales company represent at each tour, however, we are open to our custom vendors and allow a variety. Ever rode down a strip? McDonald’s $61.95 billion is beside Burger King’ s $4.05 billion and Wendy’s 1.87 billion in revenue. We encourage all vendors to understand you control your brand, your products, and your revenue.

Stand out, show excellent customer service and value and you will 
see revenue in being a vendor with us.

Someone else I know paid a different price than me, can you honor/refund my status to the same amount?

While this is a empowerment tour, we are ultimately a business as the bills have to be paid. From time to time you will see discounted rates, early bird specials, "free options", and other strategic marketing campaigns available to NEW vendors. Prices differ depending on the demand & need. Similar to a Black Friday sale. No worries, every vendor has fair pricing. 

What are the table dimensions?

Unless otherwise stated all tour stops will always provide 6ft rectangular tables to our vendors.

Whats the set up and break down times?

Each tour allots 30 minutes prior for set up and 30 minutes after for breakdown.  (No exceptions.)

Something came up, I can’t vend anymore.

While we’d love to accommodate all emergencies/unexpected circumstances but we simply can’t. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES AT ALL. 

Do you provide electricity/outlets?

Any electrical request need to be made 10 business days prior to your scheduled tour stop. We will try to accommodate you but can't guarantee.